Integrated Systems Modeling of the Interactions Between Stationary Hydrogen, Vehicle, and Grid Resources

Hydrogen Car
Figure 1 – Opportunity for hydrogen for mobility and the grid
Figure 2  - Interconnected energy systems that define the scope of the proposed project

The goal of this multi-year project is to establish the available capacity, value and impacts of interconnecting hydrogen infrastructure and fuel cell electric vehicles to the electric grid. The first objective is to quantify the opportunity of utilizing flexibility from hydrogen systems to support the electric grid. Additionally, the methodology and results of this project can support understanding of available grid services and their optimal implementation as it relates to hydrogen systems.

The second objective is to develop and implement methods to assess optimal system configuration and operating strategy for grid-integrated hydrogen systems. This involves developing a modeling framework that can analyze the value of optimally dispatching resources based on grid needs, while respecting hydrogen production and vehicle travel requirements.

Lastly, a broad range of data products are needed to assess the capability and value for grid integration of hydrogen systems. These include equipment costs, market data, vehicle operation and fueling data, to name a few. The collection and availability of this data is important to further enable the technology. Some of the data will be available for release to help establish a benchmark for future work.

Success of this project after three years is measured by the development and integration of a set of models to assess the opportunity for hydrogen grid integration. This includes development of new models and controllers and leveraging existing models to understand the capacity of available hydrogen infrastructure to provide grid support and to understand the value stemming from that support.

Figure 1 – Opportunity for hydrogen for mobility and the grid.

Figure 2 - Interconnected energy systems that define the scope of the project.

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