Forecasting California’s Future Plug-in Electric Vehicle Electricity Demand

California Map
Figure 1: Forecasting California’s Future PEV Electricity Demand Using V2G-Sim

The project will provide historical plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging load profiles from real-world PEV charging observed in two major charging infrastructure demonstrations: The EV Project and ChargePoint America.

It will also provide defensible future projections of PEV load profiles resolved temporally (by time of day) for N years into the future and spatially by region in California, for:

  • any scenario for the numbers of PEVs deployed by year
  • any assumptions on the type and fleet mix of PEVs that are deployed (e.g. EVs and PHEVs)
  • any assumptions on how/when people charge their vehicles, e.g. home vs. work vs. public charging, L1 vs. L2 or faster charging

Figure 1 – Forecasting California’s future PEV electricity demand using LBNL’s V2G-Sim, with validation and inputs from INL’s real-world data sources.

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