The vehicle-grid team is leveraging clean vehicles to enable a clean and reliable electricity grid, by deploying plug-in vehicles and enabling vehicle-grid integration.


  • V2G-Sim

    V2G-Sim models the driving and charging behavior of individual plug-in electric vehicles to generate temporal and spatial grid-scale impact/opportunity predictions.

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  • LA Air Force Base

    Financially binding market participation with bi-directional charging and discharging of an operational vehicle fleet to provide the most technologically demanding service that is procured in wholesale electricity markets.

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  • V2G Modeling

    Determining the feasibility of VGI by quantifying the potential value, cost, complexity, and risks in different implementations of VGI. Allocating available value among stakeholders and determining pathways for electrification of transportation.

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  • Alameda County Smart Charging of PEVs

    Demonstrating that cost savings for fleets can be achieved in the near term with currently available PEVs and charging stations because the proposed managed charging system does not require bi-directional capability that is not yet commercially available.

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  • Hydrogen Grid

    Establishing the available capacity, value and impacts of interconnecting hydrogen infrastructure and fuel cell electric vehicles to the electric grid.

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  • California's PEV Demand

    Providing historical plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging load profiles from real-world PEV charging observed in two major charging infrastructure demonstrations: The EV Project and ChargePoint America.

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